Ring out

The sound rang out, echoing through the air, beckoning people to come. Drivers, rushing home from work, heard the cry over the noise of the road and radio. Passersby, umbrellas held firmly in their hands, paused for a moment in their thoughts to consider the sound.

The sound rang out.

And it called.

A homeless man, sheltering in the shop doorway, picked up his things and walked towards the sound.

A family, finishing their food and quickly gathering coats and bags, hurried towards the sound.

An elderly couple, despite hearing that sound so many times before, began the move towards the door, holding hands and sharing smiles.

The sound rang out.

And they came.

Together, they formed a family, united by their response to the call. They had heard many years previously, responded and realised that the source of the sound was the centre of real life.

Also housed in the building where the sound forming bell could be found was a living community who had heard a more personal call; a cry that had been delivered straight to the heart and soul of each individual.

And they had responded.

In the church with the tower, where the bells rang out, they had felt the presence of Jesus. They had invited him to join them forever, supporting them in rough times and laughing with them in good.

The church bells rang out. And they beckoned.

How will you respond?


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