The Lonely Bud

The bud opened slowly, nervously, wondering what the world would look like as it spread and stretched its flower for the first time. The first glimpse of the new habitat was depressing. Everything seemed dead, outstretched branches a mere shadow of the tree’s former glory. The floor was covered with rotted leaves, barely recognisable in the dull light of the cloud covered winter sun. This was no cheery welcome into the world. The bud decided to retreat.

But too late. Though it had intended just a peak to see if it was worth opening fully, it had inadvertently started a chain reaction that had no way of stopping. Scared and trembling, frightened and worried, the bud fought as hard as it could to stay away from the dark world. Surely safety was to be found back in the shell of its’ home. Surely this was not what had been intended. And as it emerged, it noticed something else.

It was not alone.

Tiny buds on the surrounding plants and trees had also chosen the same day to investigate the local area, and they too were struggling, fighting to return. And as they, too, lost the fight, colour was returning to the world. Greens of every hue were taking over skeleton branches, and colour was returning to the world.

The bud considered its’ options. It had spent all of its’ life waiting for this moment, and now it wasn’t sure if it was truly ready or not. Perhaps if it had waited a little longer before entering the world it would have been able to make more of a difference, like those other buds.

Or maybe those other buds weren’t ready either. Maybe the winter winds would shake them from the branches, where they’d join the rotting leaves on the floor far below.
Or maybe this was the whole point – that one bud could make a difference because it was not alone. Maybe one small bud doing its’ best to make the world brighter was just part of the story and it needed everyone, working together, to restore this land to vibrancy.


The bud stopped fighting, unfurled its’ contents and joined the rest, knowing that together – together – the army of buds would bring life back to the world.


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