Immeasurably More!

Dear friends,

It has been a long time since I have written, but how amazing God has been! He has blessed us in ways unimaginable with every possible blessing. He has chosen us, selected us, adopted us and, through Jesus himself, welcomed us just as he has wanted and desired. This was made possible through Jesus death and resurrection, which in turn resulted in grace lavished upon us beyond measure! In unity we discover exactly what God wants, according to his pleasure, and wait for His beautiful timing. We have been sealed by the Holy Spirit herself, guaranteeing our futures for eternity!!!

Since I last wrote, I’ve not stopped thanking God for everything you do, and pray for you regularly. More than anything, I love seeing you grow in wisdom and understanding as you get to know God better. You see more with your heart than your head, and that is how the world is supposed to be seen. God can be trusted – He is our great hope – and His power is incomparable! That same power raised Jesus from death and seated Him in heaven itself, making Him more important than any earthly power or authority. Jesus sits at the head of His church, as we act as the united body fulfilling His desires.

Let’s face it, before Jesus was in charge we were dead – trapped in our own sin and unable to break free. We followed our own desires and never felt satisfied. But God raised us up, showering us with incomparable waterfalls of grace and kindness. When we have faith in the power of grace, rather than faith in our own abilities, there is hope for our future. Let us not boast in our own achievements, when it is Jesus death on the cross that we rely on so heavily. Instead, let us find the purpose for which we were designed, for God has prepared us carefully to achieve His goals.

As I mentioned before, in every aspect of life we should aspire to unity; not avoiding debates for the sake of peace, but looking at the socioeconomic barriers and breaking them permanently. There is no difference between the homeless and the homed, the persecuted and the free, the foreigner and the neighbour. We were given hope in equal measure, and the promises of God are for all His people!

God himself is the source of our peace, and the things that seem to set us apart from others have already been dealt with by Him. He purposefully seeks to create one humanity out of the many, reuniting the body of the church into a living, working community. Through Jesus we all, every person, have equal access to Father God and the Holy Spirit. There are no strangers, just fellow citizens of God’s Kingdom, who deserve to be treated as such. And as we unite, God will be seen through our actions and it will become obvious that He lives with us.

Believe me – I have studied the Old Testament to depths that many haven’t, and I have seen in them the mystery of Jesus intertwined throughout history. I have seen the open promises to all of humanity, not just the Jews as was originally thought. That said, I’m as rubbish as the next person! As much as I study, I get no closer to fully understanding the full picture of God. He’s just too big to properly understand. And yet, we – His church – need to live in such a way that the world can see God, and recognise Him through us.

For this reason, I kneel now before Daddy God himself, the God from whom we all find life, and pray that you may be filled beyond measure with the power of the Holy Spirit, so that Christ Himself can live within you. I pray with total conviction that you are rooted in love and compassion, and that in turn you might grasp how wide, long, high and deep is the love of Jesus, and to know that this love – no matter how hard we try to understand it – will always be more than we can imagine.

Ours is the God of IMMEASURABLY MORE. He has the ability to do more than we can possibly ask or imagine. His dreams are beyond our wildest ones, so think big! In all you do, in all you dream, in all you achieve, give God the glory both as a member of His church community and as a friend of Jesus so that His light might shine stronger in every generation. Forever and ever…



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