A Feast of Oppotunity

Two friends invited the same person to dine with them, each on different days. The first invited the esteemed guest and laid before him a banquet of delicious delights and morish morsels, and as they feasted together they pondered the problems of the world. They considered all of the mistakes people made, and how much easier their jobs would be if done properly, following what surely was common sense after all.

The second invited the esteemed guest in and offered a bowl of soup, left over from a recently shared vacation, and as they feasted together, they pondered the problems of the world. They considered all the issues that needed to be solved, the attitudes that they could change in order to better affect the world around them and the way that they, right now, had the ability to solve everything.

On returning home, the guest sat down at his own table and considered what he had learned. After the first meal he knew that there were problems people really ought to fix, but after the second he felt obliged to be the solution to all of them. Busy as he was, his own responsibilities meant he couldn’t possibly do more, so yes, other people needed to get their act together.

And then he paused and reflected. He realised that he was already making the difference needed within his own area of responsibility. He realised he had been trusted with much, and could make a difference in the things he already did. He realised that he was the solution to one part of the problem, and that as a community working together, supporting each other, we could find resolution to so many issues collectively because we had been placed strategically by someone who seemed to know what they were doing.

All that remains is to consider was one final question…

Which part of the problem are you the solution to?


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