Lost and Found

I tried to open with something poetic, an image that would capture the readers’ attention and allow them to make some mental or emotional connection. After three or four attempts, I gave up. I decided to get to the point, after all I had work to be getting on with – paperwork piling high and a long line of people wanting to get my opinion, complain about my opinion, question my opinion and, occasionally, agree with my opinion.

I usually write in a place of calm, feeling some sort of inner peace and connection with a bigger plan. After all, I know my final destination – the rest is just semantics. But not today. Today I write because I find myself vulnerable, with my many differing roles and responsibilities at work suddenly overlapping and causing mole hills to feel like mountains. I find myself without a minute unassigned; with pressure building.

For a moment, I find myself lost.

And then I remembered a message from yesterday:

The world is in need of more encouragers, more hope bearers and more love.

That’s it.


And so, regardless of how I might feel inside, I have a purpose. I need to encourage, to bring hope, and to love.

That will help prioritise my jobs – do those that matter most first, and anything else will have to wait, because my behaviour is not governed by pressure. My behaviour is a choice, and I choose, whether I feel like it or not, to take each job as it comes, to encourage, bring hope, and demonstrate love wherever possible. I choose to pause and reflect on my actions, rather than be led by the demands of others.

I may feel lost, but I have a good map. I close my eyes, trust, and step forward in faith.


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