Kingdom Rebels

I was walking down the street, minding my own story. Those I passed were mere extras designed to make the place look busy as I went about my business. I spent what I wanted, how I wanted. My time was mine, and I used it to restore my rightful place at the centre of my universe. ‘I’ was the focus of my life.

And then someone interacted with me.

Clearly they were unaware of the importance of where I was going. Was I not walking with enough obviously overloaded purpose to suggest that interrupting me would cause an inconvenience? I attempted to side step and move on, but to no avail.

As I was forced into facing another human, something grabbed my attention. They too had a recognisable quality about them, a hunger that had been within me for so long but that had been suppressed in order to deal with everything else that had come my way. There was a freedom based not in fairy stories of false hope but in deep truth. My suppressed hunger, forced into ignorance by years living a busy and hectic life, was released and with it came freedom.

But this freedom built a new cage of guilt around me. It was a painful process to look back on wasted years, when so much could have been healed by living out my roles the right way. This was the beginning of a great healing from the Divine Restorer, one that was accomplished on the cross, gifted to all of mankind, but so difficult to fully accept. Something in me even now refuses to see the full magnitude of freedom that comes through that single act in history. I am ashamed to say that, even though I accept the cross unequivocally, even though I strive to be the me God designed, I fail.

But even in my still imperfect state, as the work of changing my priorities and fixing my life continues, I find myself stepping into the reality of Kingdom living armed with a grenade, hoping beyond hope that it doesn’t go off in my hand. Instead of walking with purpose, ignorant of those around me, my eyes have been opened to the hurting and suffering in the faces of what used to be mere extras. To stop and engage, come alongside and support, to live out my beliefs costs more emotionally than expected; sometimes the grenade explodes something new in my own heart as yet another wall I hadn’t noticed is destroyed by a flood of compassion.

I step into Kingdom living, armed with whatever is available to take a stand against injustice, to support the broken, and I’m not alone. There are others who have a determination not to look away, but to go against the norm and fight the wrongs in this world through small acts of kindness and patience. Together we rebel against darkness, because we know that the Light has already won.

We are the Kingdom Rebels.


One thought on “Kingdom Rebels

  1. There is so much freedom when the world of “I” comes tumbling down and God reveals to us a world of “we.” A world of community. A world where our own selfishness and guilt is torn down and we’re freed to live in love for others. So much love, Steve!


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