It stands as a symbol for all to see, for any casual passer by to know that security is nearby. On firm foundations it clings with dogged determination, battling wind and storm while waves crash upon its walls. It gives hope where danger lurks unseen, waiting for the next victim. It freely shares light in the darkness, without discrimination.

This symbol, this towering emblem, represents a message that cannot be lost, no matter how much the darkness creeps in.

Someone was here.
Someone survived.
Someone chose to stay.
Someone protects others.

The lighthouse brings comfort.

It is a comfort to know that we are not the first to experience pain. Depression, lies, anxiety, hurt, temptation: all of these have been felt by others. We are not the first to feel low, or be faced with a false dichotomy that leaves us longing to be anywhere but here.

It is a comfort to know that someone else survived this. Stories of hope fill our glossy magazines, with positive analogies and regular reminders that we are not alone in our experiences. There is One who not only survived all of this, but died because of our fallen state. While we were weak, He chose to die for us, chose to lavish us in grace.

It is a comfort to know that they chose to stay. They could have accepted death as the final curtain, but instead chose to laugh in the face of negativity and live in a world of everlasting hope.

It is a comfort to know they continue to protect. Whether it be friendships formed or developed at just the right time, or an influence or reminder through other means, we are protected by the most powerful planner in all of creation.

There is one that tries to hide the lighthouse; one that tries to cut us off from others that could help; one that tries to convince us there is no hope.

There is also a name that the one is afraid of.


Jesus was here.
Jesus survived.
Jesus chose to stay.
Jesus protects others.

He is my hope, my comfort and my lighthouse.

And I trust that He WILL lead me safe to shore.


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