Finding the signal source

Dreams can fade, passions can change, paths can be diverted. Hope never fades.

The world offers me temptations, possessions and false freedoms. It sees my destination and wonders what burdens it can add to my load. It calculates how to slow me down until I move no more.

It moves me away from The Source.

Like a phone without signal I become defunct, draining my own battery in a desperate search for reconnection. And when every reserve is lost, and I am on my knees in desperation, when I am forced to abandon any reliance on my own ability to cope, it is then He comes.

I cannot walk this path without The Source.
I cannot stand without The Source.
I am nothing without The Source.

His hands rest on me and bring comfort.

I have spent my life chasing my goals, and have been granted my desires. Satisfaction has not come.

But when I glimpse at what He had planned I see past the distractions and find a better future. I go beyond the darkness and see grace splashed across my foolishness. I see hope.

I hold onto this hope in every aspect of my life like superglue.

And so I follow The Source.
I trust The Source.

I let go of me, and seek the signal of heaven…


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