Light and Life

To my friends,

Hope you don’t mind me saying, but I’ve just heard some great news…

I was trying to find the best place to begin, when I realised; I need to start at the Start – the One who started everything, the One I met and spoke to, who told me everything I’m telling you now! I can’t contain myself any more; this HAS to be shared. I am filled with incomprehensible joy, especially considering my current situation… Sorry – I’m waffling! I just know that the things I have heard and seen need to be shared, now!

Here it is – I was out walking and thought I’d timed it right for the light, but it turns out I was fooling myself. I wasn’t focussed on the path. I was wandering, and lost the plot. I panicked, and felt awful. But then something dawned within me, and I realised that the Son was just over the hill. I climbed, removed the blockage, and light shone once more. Darkness that I thought would last for an age seemed to vanish in an instant.

The light washed over me and something happened – I realised my mistake had vanished too. The message was clear as day, and yet the reminder was still there; the sun hadn’t stopped setting, but I had extra time. I knew that the truth of my situation had been planted deep within me. I had been wrong, and I had a second chance to get it right.

I write this letter because I need you to understand that getting it wrong in life can have serious consequences – I have relied on grace to get me from day to day, when I should have tried to change so that I needed grace less and less. I’m not saying I want to be perfect! But I do want to get to know the Son better, so that I can live in freedom.

I know I’m not writing anything new – I know you know this already. I know it’s the same thing I’ve saying for ages. However, I need to build on what I said to make it absolutely clear. Darkness surrounds us, but it has already failed. True light is already shining!!! It is so easy to fall back, and even easier to hold others back. It is easy to be blinded by darkness. And yet we can have freedom! We can shine out and live the way we were designed to live, forgiving others and equipping and freeing them to shine bright.

The thing is, we need to focus on the same things that the Son focusses on. Why love a world full of problems when we can love a perfect Father! That’s what Jesus did – he loved His Father and did what He was told to bring a new way of living to this fallen world.

This world is full of false distractions; people try constantly to drag us away from God. I cannot stress enough how important it is to ignore those distractions and fix your eyes on the Truth. Do not be led down the wrong path! Do not get distracted. I did, and even though I’m back on the right path, it is taking time to catch up. Fortunately, grace has helped smooth the way. Be confident that, no matter where you are on your own journey, God will let you go at your speed – so if you are ready to run, RUN!

God’s love for you burns so brightly that He has adopted each of us into His family. He is our Father, and He will make sure you know everything you need to know. Trust in Him, follow Him, and do your best to listen and obey Him. The results will astound you… Again, don’t let anybody distract you from the Father’s love. Listen to the heavenly love song, and follow it’s lead. Step out of anything wrong that would break the Father’s heart, and become the solution. Live His Love, and wow, is His love amazing!!!

How do I know? Easy! Jesus himself gave up everything for me and you. Everything! He gave up His life, knowing that it would release freedom into a broken world and set up a new way of living. Act out your love! Do not ignore the pain you see – if you understand how much God has done for you, the least you can do is act out that love to others. You’ll know when it’s right and true, because your heart will be at rest. It always is when you follow God’s lead.

That said, don’t let your heart condem you with guilt. Have confidence in God’s love and passion. Do what makes God smile, and if you’re not sure what that is, check! Not only has He given us a great book, He’s given us His Spirit! AWESOME! It may take time, but you can learn to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying – if you’re not sure, ask. We’re given trusted friends for a reason. Trust the Trusted Ones.

I know what you’re thinking – you’re going to be criticised. Don’t panic! The God who created the Universe watches what you do. The God who set the stars in place knows your intentions, and will stand by you. Recognise the Spirit of truth, and follow God’s lead.

I stress again – God is love!!! We learn how to love by His example, not our own. I should know – my love has failed me and others too many times, and those failures have caused pain. This is love – not that we loved God, but that He loved us so much He sent His own son to wipe clean our slates. When we love, God can be seen in us, and makes us complete. All you need to do is recognise the magnitude of what Jesus has done!!! He has poured out grace.

Have faith – trust God the Father and trust Jesus the Son. Jesus came and lived exactly as we do, experienced as we do, was punished and criticised like we are, and still managed to stay true to His Father. We can only aspire, but I will do my best! I cannot make that mistake again. I have to give Jesus my best, my everything, knowing that I will be forgiven if I get it wrong.

And that’s the great part – I know I’ll get it wrong at some point, but I’ll still be loved, still be made to feel welcome, and still be part of His family. HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!!

I write all of this because I need you to know about the amazing life that’s available – at no cost! Be confident and walk up to God. Talk to Him, listen to Him, and follow Him, follow Him, follow Him, follow Him.

Hope all that makes sense! Sorry if I went on a bit. I just need you to get the message…



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