Living Logos

It started with a single word, deposited almost absentmindedly at the end of a blog…


That word has been read by hundreds, and the impact has been mostly hidden from view. The author stands unaware of the full impact of that word, at that time, in that context.

In my small world I know of four songs by three composers shaped around that word. I know of an album whose theme is inspired by it. I know of a life transformed and redirected. The author may never know.

It is possible to spend hours crafting words into different forms, but once released there is no telling the power and impact they have. Every word is heard, consumed, reacted upon, and responded to in some way.

You are loved.
You are free.
Your future is secure.
I am with you.

Words designed to bless are free, and seemingly simple to use. And yet we each carry a constant choice. We have an equally simple ability to destroy, hurt and diminish with a single syllable. To avoid this is harder than we realise, and yet everything within me longs for my words to be a constant blessing, to build others up, to encourage, nurture and grow.

But how?

I lie here now with one overwhelming realisation. Memorising the Word is not enough. If I am to BE the encouraging word, I must embrace the encouraging Word. I must delve into the Logos, the living Word, the very heart of Jesus himself. And there I must claim the promise of Spiritual prompting and listen for the right Words to use.

And I must become His hands, His feet, and His voice, speaking His Word into our reality.

Building His Kingdom right here, right now.

Bring it on.


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